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What Is Curving Machine

Dec 28, 2017

Placing the steel bar in the dotted position, the underwriting axle is fixed on the machine tool, the central pin and the press-bent PIN shaft are mounted on the working disc, and the steel bar bends when the disc turns.

In order to bend the steel bars of various diameters, there are several holes in the working disk for inserting and pressing the bent pins, and the central pins of different diameters can be replaced accordingly. Figure 32 Hand-held steel bending machine, portable steel bending machine, lightweight and flexible, originated from Japan technology, specially used for shear wall capping, pillar capping, steel cage head, such as bending hook construction site. Application Range: 1 building area, shear wall capping, pillar capping; 2 The Bridge Pile Foundation field, the steel bar cage and the bearing platform connection place the head cage curved hook 90 degrees; 3 straightening of bending steel bar.