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Safe Use Of Purlin Machine

Dec 28, 2017

Column Machine Purlin machine before using, to see whether the connections can be reliable, device bolts, nuts can be tightened, left and right chassis should be added enough smooth oil, can be powered by the engine for commissioning. The mould used for the column machine Purlin machine requires an upper die and six same standard scale first device upper die and a lower mold, the next model directly installed on the six-square runner platform, the upper mold device on the bottom of the sliding seat, and put the appropriate thickness of the plate, ensure the upper and lower die after the mold, the surrounding space evenly, The spacing between the upper and lower modes equals the thickness of the required tile.

Then the above model is quasi, the operating table to turn, the other five units to pay the next model, all devices good upper and lower models in the future ability to drive the pressure tile. The first empty work is carefully observed, there is no sensation, noise, oil window can be oil, the components of the movement can be harmonious, all normal after the talent device mold, device mold, it is necessary to intercept the power supply, with the hand carefully moving motor belt or large gear, column purlin machine to make the operating table turn, and make the slide to the highest point, The best use of an object supported between the operating table and the bottom of the sliding seat, to prevent the sliding seat natural whereabouts, to form a disturbance.