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Product Description Of Curving Machine

Dec 28, 2017

CNC Steel bending machine is controlled by the industrial computer to accurately control bending to replace the artificial bending of the machinery, the main processing bar steel bar, can be bent within 50mm of the GB bar. The equipment can be processed at one time many steel bars, with the processing of shape standards, processing a large number of advantages. Can replace artificial 20-30 people.

The equipment can be used with NC-type steel bar shearing production line, can also work alone, the construction of steel bar for automatic processing of high volume, machinable iron, nuclear power projects, such as special super reinforcement. The equipment has the ability to be in a working unit at the same time for multi-directional bending, two bending host work at the same time, greatly improve efficiency, can carry 5 tons of raw materials, greatly reduce labor intensity.

Widely used in construction and other fields. One bending machine is fixed, the other bending machine can be automatically moved, and the operation mode is divided into two modes: manual and Automatic. The steel bar conveyor is composed of several power rollers, which can finish the automatic conveying and storage of the steel bar, and the conveying roller adopts high quality rubber surface to reduce the noise and improve the efficiency The lifting mechanism is controlled by pneumatic, the steel bar can be automatically positioned on the double bending head, and the steel bar which has been bent is transferred to the storage bin. Multi-stage storage silo can store finished steel bar, convenient and quick control system adopts import C: can set continuous work task, a cycle can be machined multiple angles, with task storage function. Using the imported inverter to control the bending motor, the bending speed can be adjusted and the accuracy of the bending angle is controlled by encoder.