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Operating Procedures For Curving Machine

Dec 28, 2017

First, check whether the mechanical performance is good, table and bending machine to maintain the level of the table, and all kinds of mandrel tool block.

Second, according to the diameter of the processing products and bending machine requirements of the core shaft, forming shaft, iron axle or variable retaining frame, mandrel diameter should be 2.5 times times the diameter of the product.

Third, check the mandrel, block, turntable should be free of damage and crack, the protective cover fastening reliable, through the operation of the empty machine to confirm normal operation.

Four, the work, the product needs to bend the head inserted in the turntable fixed with the gap, bending machine at the other end of the fuselage and fixed with the hand tight, check the fuselage fixed, indeed in blocking the side of the product can be started.

The operation is strictly prohibited to replace the mandrel and change the angle and speed and other operations, also not to refuel or clear.

When bending products, it is strictly prohibited to process the product diameter, the number of roots and the rotational speed of machinery.

Seven, bending high hardness or low alloy products, should be specified in accordance with the mechanical nameplate of the maximum limit diameter, and replace the corresponding core axis.

Eight, the bending product is strictly prohibited within the operating radius and the fuselage is not fixed on one side of the station. The finished semi-finished products should be stacked neatly, and the bent hooks shall not be upward.

When the turntable is reversing, it must be carried out after the stop.

Ten, work finished, clean the scene, maintenance machinery, power off lock box.