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Curving Machine Product Features

Dec 28, 2017

1, the control system adopts high-performance imported PLC and High-definition touch screen, easy to operate and responsive.

2, the mobile host adopts imported servo, the original position control mode improves the repeatability positioning accuracy.

3. The bending host adopts imported servo, which guarantees the bending precision of the steel bar.

4, bending the main body to use gear rack drive, smooth walking, high positioning accuracy, durable.

5, telescopic bending shaft to achieve the two-way bending of steel bar, easy to complex graphics fast processing.

6. Can finish the processing of many steel bars at one time and improve the working efficiency.

7, with a graphics database, the storage of a variety of graphics for users to choose. Another user graphics editing system, you can edit, preview and store.

8, a high degree of automation, one card can be completed by the automatic processing of steel bar molding, without human involvement.

9, the replacement of rebar specifications, automatic prompt bending axis and bending mandrel specifications, easy to operate, to avoid errors.

10, edit the graphics, automatic display of raw material length, alignment position, the maximum number of root processing parameters, easy to operate.

11, the processing process uses the segmented speed control technology, according to the load adjusts the processing speed, enhances the production efficiency.

12, the use of integral hoisting, convenient transportation.

13. High-strength rolling feeding platform with large load, convenient feeding and labor saving.