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The use characteristics of steel bending machine

Dec 28, 2017

1. Table and bending work plate should be maintained level, before the operation should check the core axis, forming shaft, iron axle, variable cage has no cracks or damage, the protective cover is solid and reliable, by air to confirm normal, before the operation.

2. The operation should be familiar with the reverse switch to control the direction of rotation of the work disc, steel bar placement and retaining frame, work rotation direction of cooperation, should not put the reverse.

3. Change the rotation direction of the work must be done after the shutdown, that is, from the forward-stop-reverse, not directly from the positive turn-reverse or from the reverse-positive turn.

4. Bending machine operation is strictly prohibited to replace the mandrel, forming shaft and transformation angle and speed, strictly prohibited in the operation of refueling or cleaning.

5. When bending steel bar, it is strictly forbidden to exceed the stipulation of steel bar diameter, root number and machine speed.

6. It is strictly prohibited to stand on one side of the working radius of the bending steel bar and the fuselage without fixing pins. The curved steel bar should be stacked neatly, the crooked hook must not face up.

The use of rebar cold drawing machine should observe the following 3 points:

1. Work should be set up on duty. Operators must be located in a safe zone, strictly prohibited through the cold pull scene.

2. Cold pull speed should not be too fast, in the basic straightening should be stopped slightly, check whether the fixture is solid and reliable, strictly according to safety technology disclosure requirements control elongation value, stress.

3. When the operation appears slippage, stranding and so on, should immediately stop.