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The prospect and development trend of cutting machine

Jul 03, 2018

The prospect and development trend of cutting machine:
Cutting machine in general, CNC flame, plasma cutting machine master A large number of users, and later fine plasma, laser cutting will replace the former, become the mainstream cutting machine, because they environmental protection, cutting speed, cutting quality good. With the development of modern machinery processing industry, the quality of cutting, precision requirements continue to improve the production efficiency, reduce production costs, with high intelligent automatic cutting function requirements are also upgrading.The development of NC cutter must be adapted to the development of modern mechanical processing industry.

1, the development of CNC cutting machine.
From the application of several general-purpose CNC cutting machine, CNC flame cutting machine function and performance has been relatively perfect, the limitations of its material cutting (can only cut carbon steel plate), cutting speed, low production efficiency, the scope of its application is gradually shrinking, the market can not be a big increase. Plasma cutting machine has a wide range of cutting (can cut all metal materials), cutting speed, high efficiency, the future direction of development is the improvement of the power technology, CNC systems and other plasma cutting coordination problems, such as the power of the upgrade can be cut thicker sheet
Fine plasma technology to improve and improve the cutting speed, cut quality and cutting accuracy, CNC system improvement and improvement to adapt to plasma cutting, can effectively improve work efficiency and cutting quality. Laser cutting machine has the characteristics of fast cutting speed, high precision and good cutting quality. Laser cutting technology has always been a national key support and promote the application of a high-tech, especially the Government stressed to revitalize the manufacturing industry, which gives laser cutting technology applications to bring development opportunities. When the country develops the medium and long term development plan, and the laser cutting as the key support technology, because it involves national security, national defense construction, High-tech industrialization and the development of cutting-edge technology, this laser cutting to a high degree of attention, but also to the laser cutting machine manufacturing and upgrading bring great business opportunities. A few years ago, domestic sales of laser cutting machine for the majority of foreign imports of products, domestic products accounted for a small share.With the user of laser cutting technology characteristics of the step-by-step in-depth understanding and demonstration of the adoption of domestic enterprises to promote the development, production of laser cutting machine.

2, the development of special CNC cutting machine. NC Pipe Cutting machine is suitable for cutting cylindrical orthogonal, skew, eccentric intersection, holes, elliptic holes in all kinds of pipe, and can cut the phase of intersecting with the Takiko section. This type of equipment is widely used in the production of metal structural parts, power equipment, boilers, petroleum, chemical and other industrial sectors. CNC Groove Cutting Machine is one of the high-end products, this type of equipment of the rotary groove cutting function can meet the welding process of different plates open different angle groove requirements. With the development of shipbuilding industry in China, the shipyard takes the lead in introducing and using CNC plasma cutting machine in China. With the development of technology, domestic and foreign shipyards equipped with rotary groove cutting function of CNC plasma cutting machine to meet the High-tech, high value-added ship construction requirements.