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Safety Requirements for bending machines

Dec 28, 2017

Safety Requirements for manual bending forming

1. When bending the thick steel bar with the transverse mouth wrench, should pay attention to master Operation Essentials, heel to stand firm, two feet into a lunge, put a good board, pay attention to board saw, plate mouth card bars, bending force to slow, do not force too hard, to prevent the board to pull off, people are dumped down.

2. Not allowed to bend the thick steel bar on the high place or the scaffold, avoids when the operation pulls off the pull to cause the high place to fall.

Safety requirements for mechanical bending forming

1. Before the formal operation of machinery, should check the components of the machine, and carry out the normal operation of No-load commissioning, before the formal operations.

2. The operation of attention to focus, to be familiar with the direction of the work circle, rebar placement and retaining frame, work circling direction of coordination, can not be reversed.

3. When the operation, the steel bar must be placed in the middle and lower part of the plug, strictly prohibit the bending of the steel bar, the direction of rotation must be accurate, the distance between the hand and the plug should not be less than 200mm.

4. In the process of mechanical operation, no refueling and cleaning, no replacement mandrel, pin and conversion angle.