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Safety Procedures for Deck Machinery

Nov 02, 2018
Floor Decking Roll Forming Machine

Deck machinery safety operation procedures

Article 1: Before operation

1. Remove the canvas cover on the machine, check for obstacles around it, and check that the joystick is in the neutral position to prevent the oil motor from suddenly turning when the hydraulic pump is activated.

2. Check that the hydraulic oil level is normal.

3. It is prohibited to use hydraulic power to control hydraulic deck machinery.

4. After the initial start or repair, check whether the steering of the hydraulic pump is in the same direction as the arrow direction of the pump casing. Do not reverse the hydraulic pump to avoid damage to the hydraulic pump. Check the pipeline for leaks and abnormal noise and vibration during pump operation.

5. After confirming the above normality, disengage the stopper from the deck machinery to the handle.

Article 2: In operation

1. When the bridge is being operated (if it has been deactivated for a long time), turn the bypass valve on the remote control console to the end in the direction of operation, and then connect the reversing valve stem of the deck machinery to the actuator of the remote control cylinder.

2. Push the joystick toward the winch position when manipulating the winch. When the anchor is loosened, loosen the chain guide and the manual brake band and push the clutch handle to the anchor position.

3. Pay attention to the pressure gauge indication on the remote control box during operation. If it exceeds the rated pressure of the manual, stop the operation.

4. When the remote control handle is in the middle position, the hydraulic brake cylinder of the cable machine is in the braking position, and the red light on the remote control station indicates that the brake system works well.

Article 3: After the operation

1. Brake the anchor brake, close the chain stopper, open the clutch, place the joystick in the neutral position, disengage the actuator of the remote control cylinder, and then lock the handle with the stopper.

2. Set the remote control handle of the bridge to the neutral position and turn the bypass valve to the bypass (BYPASS) direction to turn off the power to the pump.

3. Cover the machine with a canvas cover.