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Purlin machine Manufacturers talking about the spacing of purlin

Dec 28, 2017

Steel structure purlin spacing increase transverse pull, is generally 1.5m1.2m rather small is 1m, according to the spacing of the pillars, this is the roof, the wall purlin is generally 1.5m, with PKPM software automatically generate drawings when there is this data, but the actual need to increase, because the actual requirements of saving material

The purlin spacing on the roof truss is generally used 70-120cm, which depends on the length of the section of the roof truss. Purlin in the roof truss, such as the spacing between the "Purlin", is quite commonly used in the project Purlin layout plan. Purlin of the force is generally "simply supported Purlin" and "cantilever purlin", the commonly used "simple branch purlin" commonly used in square wood or log production, with square wood, its cross-section width should not be less than 6cm, width ratio is not greater than 2.5, with logs, its tip diameter should not be less than 7cm.