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Curving machine considerations

Dec 28, 2017

1, mechanical installation must pay attention to the fuselage should be safe grounding, power supply is not allowed to directly connected to the button, should be another iron shell switch control power.

2. Check whether the machine is complete before using, and whether the selected moving gear is in accordance with the rotating speed of the steel bar diameter. Whether the tooth wheel meshing clearance is appropriate. Fixed Tiegu is tight and firm. And check whether the turntable steering is the same as the reverse switch direction. And according to the provisions of lubrication grease. Check the electrical equipment insulation grounding wire is damaged, loose. And after commissioning, that the qualified party can operate.

3, the operation should be the steel bar needs to bend a stable in the turntable fixed pickaxe clearance, the other end of the fuselage fixed pickaxe, with one hand pressed tightly, must pay attention to the fuselage pickaxe really put on the side of the steel bar, before the machine can be started. Replacement of the fixed pickaxe on the turntable shall be made after the operation has ceased.

4, strictly prohibit bending over the mechanical name of the specified diameter of the steel bar and hoisting lifting rope with the hook. If you bend the steel bar without cold pull or with rusty skin, you must take a protective mirror. Bending Low-alloy steel, such as non-ordinary reinforcement, should be according to the mechanical name conversion maximum limit diameter.

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