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Standing Seam Curving Machine

Standing Seam Roof Curving MachineStanding Seam Roof Curving Machine Curved in one panel with Convex Curved;Concave Curved;Convex & Concave Curved (S Shape,M Shape);....
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1.Product Detail:

1).Main Technical Data:


2).Main Accessories


2.Pictures Of the Standing Seam Roof Curving Machine

1).Profile Drawing for the YX65-400-425 Profile

2).Sample Picture of the Standing Seam Curving Roof


Sample for Convex-curved standing seam roofing



Sample for Convex & Concave-curved standing seam roofing

3).Machine Photo for the Standing Seam Roof Curving Machine


3.Certifications of Product

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  与客户合影 (2)(001).jpg  与客户合影 (3)(001).jpg

  与客户合影 (5)(001).jpg  与客户合影 (6)(001).jpg

  与客户合影 (8)(001).jpg  与客户合影 (9)(003).jpg


  参展图片 (1)(001).jpg  参展图片 (2)(001).jpg

  参展图片 (4)(001).jpg  参展图片 (5)(001).jpg


  工程案例 (2)(001).jpg  工程案例 (3)(001).jpg

  工程案例 (5)(001).jpg  麻烦帮忙看下水印是否可以去除(001).jpg

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